Welcome to OCTEN

The Oneida County Traffic and Emergency Net (OCTEN) is a net operated by amateur radio operators in upstate New York. OCTEN meets nightly at 9:30pm Eastern time. The primary repeater is the W2MO (owned by the Madison Oneida Amateur Radio Club) which is on 145.17(-). OCTEN Net Manager for OCTEN is Jack KA2ZNZ.

Since OCTEN covers such a wide area, there are also several satellite repeaters that are checked nightly for check-ins & traffic. These repeaters include:

  • 145.33(-)71.9 in Remsen
  • 146.655(-) in Boonville
  • 146.685(-)110.9 in Norwich
  • 146.760(-) in Utica
  • 146.850(-)167.9 in Oneonta
  • 147.240(+)71.9 in Kirkland

Please feel free to check in whenever and wherever you can. All hams are welcome! 73s