Welcome to OCTEN

The Oneida County Traffic and Emergency Net (OCTEN) is a net operated by amateur radio operators in upstate New York.  OCTEN is a net affiliated with the National Traffic System (NTS) for the purposes of moving formal written traffic in and out of Oneida and the surrounding Counties in Central New York as well as providing training for those interested in traffic handling.  OCTEN meets nightly at 8pm Eastern time. The primary repeater is the W2MO (owned by the Madison Oneida Amateur Radio Club) which is on 145.17(-) CSQ.  Net Manager for OCTEN is Doug AK2Z.  Assistant Net Manager is John K2VTT.  Questions can be asked during the net or you can email octen@wnyham.com to get in contact with an OCTEN rep.  OCTEN currently has liaisons from/to: New York Public Operations Net (NYPON), Western District Net (WDN), Southern Tier Amateur Radio (STAR) and RRI Digital (NTS-D).

Since OCTEN covers such a wide area, there are also several satellite repeaters that are checked nightly for check-ins & traffic. These repeaters include:

  • 145.110(-)167.9 near Ilion
  • 146.685(-)110.9 near Norwich
  • 146.850(-)167.9 near Oneonta
  • 147.000(+)71.9 near Auburn (EchoLink node# 9188)
  • 147.210(+)103.5 Cazenovia
  • 147.240(+)71.9 near Kirkland (EchoLink node# 227963)
  • 147.300(+)67.0 near Syracuse

Please feel free to check in whenever and wherever you can.  All hams are welcome! 73s