Net Controls & Liaisons WANTED!

Interested in taking control of the net as a net control station? This is one place where you’re encouraged to try it out without making a commitment. If you enjoy it, we can always use alternate or standby net control stations to fill in when our regular stations are not available. In addition, we are looking for General or Extra class license holders that may be interested in being a liaison from OCTEN to NYPON (New York Public Operations Net) which meets daily at 5PM on 80 meters (3925 kHz). If you are interested in either being a liaison to other nets or trying out net control, email OCTEN@WNYHAM.COM to get started!


If you’re looking for a way to listen to some HF activity, but don’t currently have an HF radio or maybe you’re lacking an antenna or live in an area with a heavy noise level – you can try using WebSDR to receive. has a bunch of receivers on air that are broadcast over the internet, including one in Northern PA that’s great to listen to NY State/Section and Regional nets with. Examples being the New York Public Operations Net at 5PM daily on 3925 kHz or Second Region Net (2RN) at 6:30PM daily on 3926 kHz.